Home File Server Upgrade

Markus | Sunday, July 24th 2016, 10:00

In this video I will show you one of the recent upgrades to my file server I have at home.

It had a cheap power supply and the original fans in there and I finally decided to invest the money and change them in the hope of better temperatures and longer lifespan for the entire system.

Specs of the current hardware:

  • Mainboard: AsrockRack C2550D4I Mainboard
  • CPU: Intel Atom C2550 Quad-Core
  • HDD: 4x 4TB HDD in Freenas' RAIDZ2
  • Case: Silverstone DS380 Case
  • PSU: Silverstone SFX 300W power supply
  • Fans: BeQuiet Pure Wings 2 (PWM)

Initial setup

This video shows me upgrading my pile-of-hardware-computer, which I lovingly called my first real file server, to something decent. *No offense, old hardware! I still love you, just not as my server ;) *

Specs of the Old hardware:

  • Mainboard: Asrock AD2550-ITX
  • CPU: Intel Atom D2550
  • RAM: 2 GB Non-ECC DDR3
  • Hard drives: 2x Seagate 2 TB
  • Case: yes
  • PSU: A cheap 200W Seasonic one
  • Fans: Errrm - the power supply had one?

What about the old hardware?

That mainboard and RAM is now my media center PC thanks to the on-board GPU - which is still sh!t, cause it only works under 32 bit Windows - but it plays 1080p Blu-Rays without any problems in Kodi, so I'm happy! :)

Figure 1. My old server hardware - now the media center PC

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