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Privacy Policy

What are our principles?

For everyone at, protecting the personal data of our users is of the utmost importance. We make sure to collect as little data as possible and protect what we collect to the best of our abilities.

To provide a good experience while respecting each individual's privacy preferences, some features of the site which cause additional data to be collected or transmitted can be enabled or disabled on the Privacy Control Panel. By default, it is configured to transmit and collect as little data as possible.

All information directly on this site is processed only on servers within the European Union. However, this excludes external content such as external videos (e.g. YouTube) or links to other Internet services, for each of which their own privacy policy applies.

By contacting us using the contact information provided above, you may

  • retrieve all information we store about you
  • have us correct personal data we store about you
  • have us delete all personal data about you
  • prevent us from using personal data for processing (in case the information may not yet be deleted due to lawful constraints)
  • revoke any permissions given by you about the processing of your data


This privacy policy applies to the main site and all subdomains of and

  • *

*: Special conditions apply. Click on the site to learn more.

What data do we collect, and what for?

We try to collect as little information about our users as possible. Still, some data must still be collected in order to provide the services. This section will outline what we collect and why.

Connection information

In order for the Internet (and therefore this service) to function, various identifying elements need to transmitted (for example the IP address of the user's computer). This information is accessible by third parties (e.g. the internet service provider or computing center) during the transmission through their infrastructure. Without this information, the service could not be provided. uses TLS encryption for as many of its services as possible to reduce the amount of information that can be extracted by third parties.

Additionally, the web server application will receive additional information (for example which site has been requested, the browser version, etc.) that is transmitted by the web browser from the user. This information is used only to fulfill the request and the corresponding data is deleted as soon as the connection to the server is closed. No records of the browsing activity are created.

Anonymous page hit statistics

Each time you visit a page on this site, a counter for that specific page is incremented. All identifying information about the access (IP address, browser, etc.) is discarded. It is therefore not possible to track which pages you visited on this site with this information.


Apart from this, no information is collected about your visit to this site.

Disclosure of information to third parties

No information personal will be forwarded or otherwise made visible to any other third party (including full publication), unless explicit consent has been acquired beforehand, or unless it is required to comply with European law. Please note that some data will be passed on to third parties when activating external content on the site as outlined below.

What about cookies?

Some services on use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's computer when visiting a website. These files can later on be again retrieved by the webserver.

The blog and site directly on use cookies to store your viewing preferences regarding external content on the site. With no cookies set, no external content will be loaded.

The git web service, running at, uses cookies to store user preferences (e.g. the preferred language) and to allow users to log in to the service to gain extended access. However, as the service is invite-only for the extended feature set (new accounts can only be generated manually), no additional information can be linked to the cookies for regular visitors of the site.

Cookies can, at any time, be deleted by the end user using the corresponding feature provided by the web browser. Most browsers will also provide a feature to prevent the setting of cookies in order to avoid this data from being stored in the first place.

How do we protect your data?

We regularly update the software on our servers in order close any known vulnerabilities. Access to all systems used to process data are protected using technical and physical measures. Important communications are encrypted (TLS, PGP) to prevent data to be read by third parties during the transmission. Access to data centers is strictly controlled by the hosting provider.

However, please keep in mind that both parties, the provider and the user, need to employ data security measures. A perfectly secured server can not protect a vulnerable client from leaking information. So make sure to always keep your client applications (web browser, email client, ...) up to date and follow common security practices.

External services uses external services to provide some functionality. Each of these services has its own Privacy Policy that applies. When visiting this site, no automatic connection to any of these services is established. The connection will only be established with the user activating the respective element(s) or when clicking on a link to another site.

The most important external resources will be quickly introduced in the following.


Most videos on this site are provided through YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. By clicking on a link to a video or by activating the embedded YouTube player, a connection to the YouTube servers will be established, which allows that site to set cookies and analyze the user's behavior for this video. Without any user interaction, no data will be transmitted to YouTube. You can view their privacy policy here:

Other services

Often, links to additional content or sources are provided. When following these links, you will leave and the privacy policy of the target website will take effect. The web browser should show the target of the link when hovering over it (without clicking). This way, you can check the website and its policy before transmitting any data to them. Please note that the target website is able to identify which page on held the link that you clicked.

Contact via Email / IM / ...

When contacting us via any of the means provided above, we will store your contact information (e.g. email address) and the content of the message you sent. We will never share this information with any third parties, unless explicit consent is given. This communication can be protected by technical means (PGP, OTR, ...) for additional privacy.

Please note that some of these communication means use external service providers. Thus, their privacy policy needs to be taken into account when contacting us.

Any questions?

In case you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via any of the means provided above. We are happy to explain to you in detail which data we collect for each of your actions on this site.

Updates to this policy

This policy may be updated at any time, either to clarify information or to adapt to technical or feature changes. If the change affects existing user records, the offending data will either be erased, or consent from the user for the extended use will be requested. A notification banner at the top of the site will notify visitors of the change in the privacy policy.

Last update: 2018/10/10