Programmable Keyboard [complete]


The "Programmable Keyboard" is a development board for V-USB based on an Atmega8 microcontroller from Atmel.

Processor:Atmel Atmega8@16MHz
8kB Flash / 512B EEPROM / 1kB SRAM
23 I/O-Ports
USB:1.1 in software using V-USB.
User interface:2 LEDs and 17 pushbttons
4x4 keypad + 1 mode key
Additional hardware:64KBit i²c EEPROM (Microchip 24C64)

Audio Power Amplifier [complete]


PCB design for the discrete power amplifier designed by Douglas Self.
The complete project is available as a KiCad project.

Tiny-XO2 FPGA Dev Board [complete]


The Tiny-XO2 is a small, versatile and cost-effective development platform for Lattice MachXO2 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

FPGA Features1280 LUTs, 21 I/O, PLL
Board Features12 MHz Oscillator, USB-UART converter, 21 I/O on .1" headers

The complete project is available as a KiCad project.

USB VFD [prototype]


A USB enabled vacuum fluorescent display which can be controlled over a serial interface.

The project is based on the Samsung HCS-12SS59T and an Atmega8 runnning V-USB.


model-ghdl [release]


A wrapper for GHDL to make it look like Mentor's ModelSim. Helpful for use with programs like Sigasi.

mdiary [beta]


A viewer for a file based diary with entries written in markdown.
Written in C with gtk+3, it integrates nicely into the Gnome 3 ecosystem.

Kodi Moebooru [release]


View your favorite manga images from any Moebooru based image board. Either browse them quickly through a list of thumbnails or lean back and enjoy a beautiful slideshow.


Keyakizaka46 Blog Translations


Some of my attempts at translating some Japanese. I'm still a beginner, so don't expect too much.

The site features translations of random blog posts from Keyakizaka46's members.

Abandoned Projects

Renpy2ebook [pre-alpha]


Renpy2ebook allows you to convert visual novels which were created using Ren'Py into pdf or epub.

konaclient-gtk [pre-alpha]


A client for moebooru based imageboards written in C with gtk+3.