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Truenas VM on the Boot Pool

Markus | Saturday, January 8th 2022, 17:18

-- I'll probably regret this when I finally lose my data

Figure 1. TrueNAS VM configuration panel

I've been meaning to transfer my Raspberry Pi based services into a virtual machine on my main server running TrueNAS for a while now, but I've always delayed as I didn't know where to store the VM's disk. I have 7 disks in my main server: 2x 128 GB SSDs as the boot array, 4x 4 TB HDDs as the main array, and another single 4 TB HDD for less important data.

Basically, I don't care where I store the VM, but I want my HDDs to spin down during the night and low load periods. Since a VM will definitely keep the drives up, the mechanical drives are out, leaving me only with the boot pool. It has enough storage for what I need, but, and here comes the problem, TrueNAS does not allow me to keep custom datasets on the boot pool.

But, under the hood, TrueNAS is just FreeBSD. So as I had some time over the holidays, I set out to find a solution to do it nonetheless.

WARNING! This guide is definitely not how TrueNAS is intended to be used. It's dirty and terrible. If you brick your installation (even if you followed this guide perfectly), or even worse, lose your VMs and data, don't tell me I didn't warn you. Only do this if you can live with losing everything and having to reconfigure your entire system.

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Home File Server Upgrade

Markus | Sunday, July 24th 2016, 10:00

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In this video I will show you one of the recent upgrades to my file server I have at home.

It had a cheap power supply and the original fans in there and I finally decided to invest the money and change them in the hope of better temperatures and longer lifespan for the entire system.

Specs of the current hardware:

  • Mainboard: AsrockRack C2550D4I Mainboard
  • CPU: Intel Atom C2550 Quad-Core
  • HDD: 4x 4TB HDD in Freenas' RAIDZ2
  • Case: Silverstone DS380 Case
  • PSU: Silverstone SFX 300W power supply
  • Fans: BeQuiet Pure Wings 2 (PWM)

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